The G-Series mowers have been designed to deliver faster and better performance. Kubota’s powerful diesel engines with 22hp and 25hp provide more muscle for the job at hand, allowing you to mow even high or wet grass effortlessly. This makes the G-Series ideal machines for demanding mowing conditions.


The powerful engine and transmission of the G231 and G261 allow you to operate at a top speed of 19 km. As a result, travel time from job to job is reduced.

Hydraulics, Linkage, Connectivity

Hydrostatic power steering reduces operator fatigue and makes it easier to mow around trees and other obstacles.

Seat/ Tyres

Wider steps make getting on and off the mower easier. The wide floor space provides ample foot room and the spacious operator area brings added comfort to the job.

Mower Deck

With a comfortable minimum ground clearance of 175 mm with the mower deck removed, and 150 mm when raised, the G-series makes getting over rocks and other small obstacles in your path easier.


When it comes to agility, Kubota never cuts corners. The G-series can easily get around narrow corners, make sharp turns and efficiently cut grass in the tightest areas.


Technical Specification